Radio Sponsorship ~ Martini Tasting Masquerade Ball

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[trx_title type=”2″ top=”tiny-“]Martini Tasting Masqueade Ball Sponsorship[/trx_title][trx_title type=”4″ font_weight=”400”]Want to be a Radio Sponsor for our Event?  ONLY 6 AVAILABLE SO HURRY![/trx_title]
  • Weekly schedule to include: 
    • Fifteen (15) :30 commercials to run Mon-Sun 6a-7p
    • Fifteen (15) :30 commercials to run Mon-Sun 6a-12m
    • Fifteen (15) :30 commercials to run Mon-Sun 6a-6a
    • Fifteen (15) :15 commercials to run Mon-Sun 6a-12m
  • Plus Non-profit Matching Ads
    • Forty-Five (45) :30 commercials to urn Mon-Sun 6a-6p
    • Schedule matched on streaming players at no charge!
  • Total of 105 commercials/week
  • Investment based on exclusive radio station. see link
  • Business name mention 3xs
  • 15 Second commercials exclusive to your business only!

Exclusive radio station choice (BobFM, The Bull, Music Monster, Q106, The Breeze or IRock)

Contact Jen Doty 208-316-2260 or Sandy March 208-320-1515 for more information or use the form below to register.

Martini Tasting Masquerade Ball ~ Radio Sponsorship Form

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