Martini Tasting Masquerade Ball Ticket Sales

Lots of changes this year concerning ticket sales and what we expect participants to help us so we can actually do this safely. Please read all of the ways we are accomplishing this. Its long be we really want this to be a success and you are needed to help us make this a success.

  1.  Participants are expected to wear masks.  We have made this easy due to the theme.  As cowboys, lawmen and outlaws we encourage to make a mask as part of your costume.  Be creative and have fun with it! 🙂
  2. The Wells Fargo Building is ginormous which will allow us to keep participants safely distanced from each other.  We ask that you respect everyone space.  It will be easy due to the massive amount of space.
  3. We will have LOTS of hand sanitizers throughout the building, all gaming tables will have them and spread out all over so they will be easy to find.  We recommend participants use them often.
  4. This year we are limiting the amount of participants  and the size of the venue should make for lots of room without people gathering and bunching up.
  5. We have not settled on this but we are thinking of having the martinis coming to you but we have not worked out all the details of this yet.
  6. We are using a new ticketing software this year that we hope expediate entry into the event! How it will work – when you select and paid for your tickets you will receive an email which will include all the details of the tickets you purchased with a QR code. (If you do not receive an email please check your spam before calling us)  You can print this information out however we would prefer  that you bring your cell phone and we will quickly scan it at the entrance. However, both will work so don’t panic if you bring only a hard copy. PLEASE BRING YOUR TICKET EITHER WAY! WE MAY HAVE A DIFFICULT TIME VERIFYING THAT YOU REALLY PURCHASED A TICKET.  So its important that you do bring one of them.  (Thank you for your help in streamlining this process!!)
  7. In order to have this event we are convincing the powers that be that we have made every attempt to keep it safe and your help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Most importantly ! HAVE FUN!!!  There is no reason we can’t have fun and be safe as well. Lets make it happen!

With COVID our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment/event that is going to bring lots of help and smiles to Camp Rainbow Gold kids!

Since we are limiting tickets sales this year so we strongly encourage everyone to purchase event tickets early BEFORE the event as we do not want to have lines forming.  Online tickets are $27/single and $42/couple until February 17th.  IF there is tickets still available for sale after that date we will sell them at the door at $37/single and $52/couple.

Think ahead and purchase your tickets early this year for a great deal! Clickable links below.