About Gemstone Adaptive Climbing


Gemstone Adaptive Climbing is a non-profit organization located in Twin Falls on 135 5th Ave S. They are housed in the first ever fully ADA accessible climbing gym in the WORLD! Gemstone Adaptive Climbing’s mission is to teach us that every BODY can climb, no matter their physical challenges.


The program is specially designed for individuals living with physical disabilities. The program serves as an effective method to stimulate muscle use, increase strength, and provide a form of physical therapy.


The program was started in late 2019 and has managed to gain more popularity over these past several months. Over 60 participants attend these classes which are offered on three Mondays and one Saturday of each month.


What makes this program so unique is that it’s one of the few adaptive sports classes offered in the South Central Idaho Region.

“For kids to get the experience to go vertical, to be able to get out of a wheelchair and onto the wall or to leave the ground for the first time is tremendous to watch,” said Kandice Johnsons, the Adaptive Program Director. “It’s just a good experience for them.”


The main benefit is these individuals get the chance to be active and participate in a physically demanding activity. However, by attending these classes, many of these individuals learn far more than just being able to climb.


“Overcoming fears, overcoming hardship, overcoming hurdles, and then socially. We have different volunteers in here every day, different climbers, we encourage our climbers to watch each other. So it just hits every single level,” said Johnson.






Your generosity and support is needed to help keep this program well equipped! There will be many options the night of the event to purchase climbing supplies, however, if you find you or your business cannot make it to the event we have their wish list of needs ready for you to purchase.

We CANNOT do this without YOU!