Amtryke Tricycles for Disabled Children

Amtryke Tricycles for Disabled Children

Twin Falls Rotary After Hours is purchasing tricycles for locally disabled children through Adaptive Cycling of Southern Idaho a division of Amtryke.  We work closely with Primary Therapy to accomplish this by providing  names of children in the area in need of these very specialized tricycles.

There is a long list of children right here in the Magic Valley waiting to have their very first tricycle and for many they would never be able to have one without people like you and your generous donations.

Our goal this year is to purchase 7 more Amtryke tricycles which is an estimated $5200.  Each tricycle is tailored to the child’s disability and can be quite expensive and cost prohibitive to the family.  That’s where we come in!

Our upcoming event will help us achieve this goal however, we know many people don’t necessarily attend fundraisers and this is another convenient way you can help us with our goal.  Simply donate by using the donation form below.

We appreciate all your support!

More About Amtryke?

We believe the fun and freedom of riding your own bike is something everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. People who are unable to operate a traditional bike can now share this experience, thanks to the Amtryke therapeutic tricycle.

These unique trykes are designed to accommodate riders of all ages and a myriad of physical and/or developmental challenges.

Both Physical and Occupational Therapists acknowledge the Amtryke’s many therapeutic benefits, citing improved motor skills, strength development and self-esteem.¹

Superhero RecipientAmtryke, LLC is fully owned and operated by National AMBUCS, Inc.  a nationwide 501c3 nonprofit charity dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

To date, over 30,000 Amtrykes have been provided around the United States. The majority of these trykes are purchased by volunteer members of the AMBUCS organization and donated free of charge to financially-needy children or Veterans in their own community.

Donation form

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